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Coach Hyser's Goal with the South High School Basketball Program is to go beyond the teaching of "Basketball."  Coach Hyser wants to instill values that will help his players throughout life.  Once a week a different "Character Teaching" is presented to the entire team.  It is Coach Hyser's desires for the Coaches and Players to love one another and play with greater intensity because of this.  The basic Chracter Teachings that are taught are:

  • To Accept Responsibiity:  To do that which you are suppose to do.  You are the only one who can control his decisions.  However, they affect everyone else.
  • To Reject Passivity:  To make the right choice which is generally the tough choice.
  • To Lead Courageously:  To do that which no one else will do.  To overcome your fears, step up to the plate and lead.
  • To Remain Humble:  Always think of others before yourself.