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Biology 2  - Click on the following link to get access to open online curriculum.  Look at the list of topics  and choose one that is most related to what we have been learning.  Follow the activities while taking notes to document what you have been doing.  Show the notes to Mr Hedlund.


To access the online text go to  and enter Username as "south high" and the  password is "biology1"  Click on the open book icon for the book and answer the section reviews for lessons that you have missed.  Students may also take notes.


The units will be as follows

Part 1 Chemistry of Life Unit 1 Chapter 2

Part 2  Photosynthesis Unit 2 Chapter 8

Part 3 DNA and RNA Unit 4 Chapters 12 and 13

Part 4 Evolution Unit 5 Chapters 16 and 17

Part 5 Homeostasis unit 8 sections 31 and 35



Homeostasis - rats, hearts, and lungs  click on this link for notes about homeostasis click on this link for notes on the rat dissection



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Nervous system - click on this link for information about the immune system.

Immune System  - click this link for the slides for this unit.

Immune system Symposium         

Your task is to create a poster and present on a topic that deals with the immune system.   You are going to become experts in on area of the immune system and present your expertise to other students.  You are also going to expand your knowledge by listening to their presentations.  Your peers will grade you so make sure you put forth your best effort. 

History of medicine – how did they discover bacteria and viruses caused sickness

Foodborne illness

Any infection disease


            West Nile

Sexually transmitted illness / disease


Bubonic plague


Hanta Virus


Flesh eating bacteria

How does your body fight infection

Anthrax and antrax vaccine

Allergies – what causes them


Project Links  - easy to read, information on current research   - center for disease - national institute of heath


Tree of life activity -  or use wikipedia

Scientific American Article on Lizards of the Antiles islands - click on this for slides on evolution   - click on this for slides on biological basis of skin color.


Evolution test study guide


Describe technology in Darwin’s time (1800’s)

What is the main claim of evolution?

Give an example of –

            - Natural selection

            - Artificial selection

What results from natural selection?

What is the evidence for evolution?

How does DNA relationships support evolution?

Homologous traits in species