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District Attendance Policy

It’s the Law! Minnesota law states that all students are required to attend school from age 7, or when they enter kindergarten (whichever comes first) until they are 18 years old. A student’s failure to attend school may lead to legal action for the parents/guardians and the student.




If your student has to leave school early for an appointment write a note and send with your student.  The student should bring the note in to the Attendance Office first thing in the morning, and then the student will be issued a pass to leave at the time indicated on the note.  The student can then show the pass to their teacher and the teacher will allow them to leave at the time indicated on the pass.  This is the most efficient way to get your student released early from school.  If the absence is due to a doctor/dentist/therapy or court date, bring back documentation from the visit for your student to be excused for the time missed from school.


The following is an absence that must be excused by a Principal or an Assistant Principal ten days in advance:


  • Family obligations, activities


A form to get a student excused for an absence due to a family vacation or activity can be picked up in the Attendance Office, or print the form from this site.  Please complete the form and send to the Attendance Office for processing. 


The following are absences that need prior notice in writing


  • Religious observances
  • Student non-Minneapolis Public School activities or events approved by parents that require students to miss class time.  These activities/events need documentation from the sponsor.
  • College visits (two per year)


The following are absences that do not require advanced notice to be excused:


  •  Illness.  A note or call from parent/guardian will excuse absence.  For absences of three or more days in a row or eight or more absences in a school year, a note from doctor or conference with school nurse (612-668-4311) is required to excuse absences.  Absences must be called in within three weeks to be excused.
  • Doctor/dentist/therapist visit. A note from doctor/dentist/therapist will excuse absence.  You can call the doctor’s office and ask them to fax a note to 612-668-4310. 
  • Family emergency.  Up to three days accumulative in a school year


FYI – School nurse number 612-668-4311