District Attendance Policy

It’s the Law! Minnesota law states that all students are required to attend school from age 7, or when they enter kindergarten (whichever comes first) until they are 18 years old. A student’s failure to attend school may lead to legal action for the parents/guardians and the student.

What are Excused Absences?

Doctor/Dentist Appointments:
Whenever possible, please scheduled doctor and dentist appointments before and after school. If you must schedule an appointment during school, the appointment will be excused only upon receiving a written note from the doctor or dentist. (Doctor’s office may fax note to school at 612-668-4310.)

Students are allowed up to 8 total absences a year, or 3 days in a row, due to illness. A doctor’s note must be provided if your child is gone from school more than 8 total days over the school year, or 3 days in a row. Because your child’s health is important to us, school staff can help your child if you do not have health insurance or cannot afford to see a doctor—please contact your school if you need help.

School Bus Problems:
If your child misses school because the bus was late or did not show up at the bus stop, you must report this to the school that morning. Religious Holidays/Cultural Observances: If your child will be gone due to a religious holiday or cultural observance, you must notify the school in advance.

Students may be gone up to 4 days a year because of a funeral. For more than 4 days, you must get written approval from a teacher, social worker or principal.

Family Emergency:
Students may be gone up to 3 days a year because of a family emergency. For more than 3 days, you must get written approval from a social worker or principal.

Family Activity:
A student may be gone up to 5 days from school for a preapproved family activity. To get pre-approval from the school, do the following: Students who participate in extended field trips or family vacations during school days are responsible for making up missed work. They should contact their teachers prior to the missed days so that they have necessary assignments. Students should also understand that teachers will not be able to reteach missed work and that a student may not be able to earn as high a grade as if they were in the class every day.

Classroom Tardiness:
Each student and teacher has the right to expect a class time free of interruptions, such as a student coming in late to class. Being tardy means losing instruction or classroom activities and may result in a lower grade in the course.
• All students are expected to be in class before the final bell for each class period.
• When the warning bell sounds, students must leave the balcony, commons or hallways in order to be in their assigned class by the final bell. Classes begin immediately after the final bell.


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