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AP Test Prep

1.  In case there are some concepts you want to brush up on, get into this Khan Academy practice site:

2.  Here's a link to some flashcards you can put together.  It's something like 27 pages to print out:

3.  In the files listed AT THE BOTTOM are the 2008 AP tests - just the multiple choice parts.  Set a clock, and get a feel for the timing.  You could probably do these on a machine and not worry about printing out the whole test - I had to right click and "rotate clockwise" to read it right.  Clearly, don't use a calculator on the "no calc" section.  For the "calculator active" section - If you don't have your own graphing calculator, well, I guess you can't do that part.  Getting your own graphign calculator might not be the worst idea.

The answers to the 2008 practice test can be found here:

4.  Read this:

 5.  Answers to the homework problem sets can be found at the link to the right. 


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