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Sights and Sounds: A Shattered Sudan -


From Sudan to the United States

Sense of Place and Community

Cultural Differences –


Responsibility and Leadership -


  • Why did the Lost Boys have to flee their homes?


  • Why couldn’t they stay in Ethiopia?


  • What was life like in the refugee camp?


  • What new things did they experience on the journey from Kenya to the United States?




  • What have you learned about Dinka culture? What markers are representative of Dinka culture? Of American culture? What values do the Lost Boys hold? How do those values compare with your own?







  • What questions and fears do the Lost Boys have about life in the U.S.? What questions and fears would you have if you were moving to a new country? What differences do you see between Dinka culture and American culture? What are some of the challenges the Lost Boys encounter? How do they adapt to life in the United States (think in terms of both assimilation and acculturation)? How do you think you would adapt to life in a new place?










  • What community-building strategies have the Lost Boys practiced both within the refugee camps and once resettled in the United States?










  • What community-building strategies have been practiced among the Lost Boys and the communities into which they settled?









What sense of responsibility do the Lost Boys feel toward each other and toward their families and friends still in Africa? In what ways are they trying to improve their own lives and those of their families and friends? What can students do to make a difference in their own community