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Activities S-Z

Students Against Drunk Driving is a group that promotes seat-belt use and works to bring awareness to the student body about the dangers of drinking alcohol and driving.

Senior Class Activities
Senior Class Activities is responsible for planning and carrying out the traditional Senior class activities, which include boat bash, class picnic, t-shirt designs, graduation speakers, and future class reunions.

Silver Ribbon Committee
The Silver Ribbon Campaign (SRC) is a student led group that has existed since 2003. Unique to South High, SRC is a support, information and stigma busting group about mental illness. Since everyone is affected by mental illness, the more students know, the more they can help themselves, be sensitive to others and create a community of informed and caring students and staff. The group meets every other week to hear speakers talk about their illnesses, treatments, recovery and hope. Time is always allotted for questions and answers. A social worker advises the group in collaboration with a staff member of NAMI-MN (National Alliance on Mental Illness.) Student leaders self select. As many as 90 students attend meetings and class attendance is excused.

Southerner Newspaper
The Southerner is a student-run and student-written newspaper that publishes articles that are relevant and entertaining to South High School‟s student population. Any student may participate in the production of the paper by taking the Journalism class as an English elective, or by working for the paper as an extra-curricular activity. Working for the Southerner looks very good on college applications and is an excellent way to explore a career in journalism.

Named by a group of students in 2009, stands for “students together against racial tension.” It is a racial equity group by students, for students and with students. South students created s.t.a.r.t. to respond to ways in which racial disparities were playing a role in school choice given the changing demographics in Minneapolis. The purpose of s.t.a.r.t. is to mobilize students as civic and equity leaders at South High. Through s.t.a.r.t., students foster racial equity, cultural competence and deepened connections at South High along with adults. s.t.a.r.t. is a safe place to talk about race, while also developing strong leadership skills. s.t.a.r.t. students can earn service credits and enrich their college applications by joining adults in community events and actions to allow more students access to academic and work opportunities. 

Student Council
Student Council is an opportunity for students to be elected to a council position to make school wide decisions. The 50 students elected to the student council are responsible for the planning and decision making process of school dances, food drives, blood drives, etc. This organization promotes leadership, community involvement and academic success.

Stand Up Speak Out South High (SUSOSH)
Stand Up, Speak Out South High, or SUSOSH, is a student driven peer education event in its second year at South High School in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Led by a core group of students on the SUSOSH Leadership Committee and staff advisors, SUSOSH trains over one hundred students in the art of peer education regarding homophobia, sexism, racism, and disability awareness. For two days, these peer leaders facilitate workshops for the entire student body of South High School in hopes of raising awareness and igniting change in the community. SUSOSH participants are committed to social justice at an unprecedented level at South High School.

South High Theater is a diverse, energetic, artistically motivated program that has captured the imaginations of thousands of viewers over the years.  Ours is an educational theater, serving students from all our Small Learning Communities and from all age groups:  freshmen through seniors.  South High Theater traditionally offers seven big productions, making it easily the most prolific school theater in the Twin Cities and one of the busiest theaters of any kind:  amateur or professional.  Offerings include Shakespeare, dramas, original plays, and our famous South High musicals, which attract audiences in the thousands.  South High Theater is lead by a student governing body, and by an Artistic Director and an adult Technical Director, who provide professional artistic leadership, motivation, and inspiration.

UMOJA, meaning unity, is a student organization comprised of students with African and African American descent. The goal of UMOJA is to promote community involvement, encourage academic success in high school and college, and preserve and transmit knowledge of the African and African American culture. All South High students are welcome to participate.

The word “unidos” means “united” which represents how the students have come together from various places to be united as Latino people. They are a unique group of students because they are all different and at the same time they also share many common customs. As a student organization at South, UNIDOS holds fundraisers, performs community service, attends citywide leadership meetings and conducts a once a month decision making advisory board meeting. The students also perform in an auditorium presentation at the end of the school year. The performance is made up of traditional dances, modern dances, student poetry and art, as well as individual cultural history

The South High Tiger yearbook serves as a historical record of the school year, and a memory book intended to provide a remembrance of the people and activities of the school year. The Tiger is also a reference book and a public relations medium for the school. Producing the book provides an educational training experience for student staff members. Students are involved in contract negotiations, photographer selection, book design, page and picture layouts, ad campaigns, and editorial leadership. It is an opportunity for creative and diligent students to be involved in a creative business enterprise.

Young Women’s Resource Center  (YWRC)
YWRC's mission is to facilitate student directed activities, in a woman centered environment dedicated to the development of a positive/health sense of self for young women, to promote young women activist leaders within the school community and create a climate of inclusiveness, equity and safety for all students through positive empowerment opportunities.  Open to all South women students.