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Richard in Contemplation in French Riviera



About fifteen years ago I was self-employed as a Naturopathic Doctor. I never did like that name since is means “natural disease,” so I preferred to use “Doctor of Natural Health.” During the time I wrote many articles for local newspapers such as The Edge, Wellness, Pagan Press and monthly columns for Corcoran News and Southside Pride.

          This went on for a few years. I don’t think that I ever really made enough money to live on since I noticed my account with a bank beginning to dwindle.

          Mag, my partner, was attending meetings of the Advisory Council of South Community Education. She learned from Donna Smith, the South Community Ed. Coordinator, that the office was in desperate need of someone to perform clerical duties. Although I had never done that type of work Mag seemed to think I could do it and asked me if I would at least talk to Donna because she knew I would like her. I did. About two years after I started Donna’s retirement party was held and many reenactments were presented of Donna Smith stories all illustrating the “Donna” way.

          I am now working with my third South Community Education Coordinator. I’ve know Jean Dutcher for many years as she came to South with my second coordinator, Deb Clark (Community Education Specialist currently at Pratt School). Jean and I are a pretty good team. The way we do things is different than the way most people do things, but we do things in a similar manner.

          I am now an Associate Educator. The Community Education Office is located in the commons area at South High School. The office has an orange sign above the door that says, “Community Education.” When you visit the office you’ll notice a large paper-mache tiger mask on the wall to the right.

          I have a BFA teaching degree from the University of Wisconsin, Superior.


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