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'Letting go' and 'being there' at the same time


As your child gets older, the expectation is that they take more responsibility for their actions — especially with regard to punctuality, learning, and behavior. Many parents might be surprised to learn that research shows that even though adolescents desire autonomy, they do not desire it when it comes to education. “High School education students believe that they can do better at school if they know that their families are interested in their schoolwork and expect them to succeed,” (Harvard Family Research) thus challenging the prevalent view that adolescents do not want their parents involved at all.

Parents who hold high expectations for their teens, communicate these clearly, and encourage their adolescents to work hard in order to attain them, can make a difference in their student’s success.

Prospective parents: Call Sharon White, Parent Liaison at (612) 668-4303
P.U.S.H.(Parents United for South High)

What it is, What it does...... 

PUSH is the official parent and community organization for the school. The mission of PUSH is to encourage communication: between parents, parents to school, and school to parents. Our goal is to create ways for every family and student to have a social connection to the school community and feel a valued member and participant within it.

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The Communication Chain (Who should I talk to?)

We encourage parents to contact teachers as often as necessary to keep abreast of their student’s progress. Because teachers have limited access to telephones in their classrooms, Email communication is the preferred method for reaching a teacher. Faculty email links are located on our web site or through the Parent Portal.* When following the proper chain of communication, please allow a teacher 24 hours to respond to your message.