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2014 China Trip
Seniors Jack & Andy looking down the valley near the Jade Dragon Mountain in southwestern China


2014-15 School Year 

First  Quarter starts on Monday, 08/25/2014 !


Every student in my classes needs to sign up a free Edmodo account to access announcements, daily questions, weekly quizzes, assignments and polls. You will need the full web version (NOT the version for the mobile devices) to take and turn in the quizzez.

Here's the info:


Group code: w8fusf

Chinese 3:

Group Code: k42qyh

Chinese 2:

Group Code: pe5dsa

Chinese 1:

Group code: r36gk8



Last Updated: 04/19//2014

  SCHOOL SUPPLIES: You will need the following materials to attend any of the Chinese classes:

1. ONE TWO-POCKET FOLDER (to hold the homework assignments);
2. ONE HARD-COVER THREE-SPINAL BINDER (to hold the printouts of the subject materials and lecture notes);
3. FOUR BLANK CD-R DISCS (please no Sony-brands);

Textbooks  FOR CHINESE 1  CLASS (provided by school):

Ni Hao, Book 1, testbook (with CD Rom)

Ni Hao Book 1, workbook

Textbooks  FOR CHINESE 2  CLASS (provided by school):

Ni Hao, Book 2, testbook (with included internet access)

Ni Hao Book 2, workbook

 Textbooks  FOR CHINESE CIS 1011 & Chinese 3 CLASS (provided by school):

 Integrated Chinese, Level 1, Part 1, Textbook (traditional characters):  $28.95

Integrated Chinese, Level 1, Part 1, Workbook (traditional characters):  $19.95

 Textbooks  FOR CHINESE CIS 1012 & Chinese 4 CLASS (provided by school):


Integrated Chinese, Level 1, Part 2, Textbook (traditional characters):  $34.95

 Integrated Chinese, Level 1, Part 2, Workbook (traditional characters):  $20.95

  Parents:  now YOU can monitor your kids' progress, check their current grades, and assignment completion by accessing the on-line gradebook. Here's how:

 Go to the following link:
Choose New User Registration
Fill out all the information.
Make sure that you answer "no" to the question "Are you a student".

Downloadable application forms for 2015 Spring Break to China! 

student application form

adultchaperone registration form

own-air release form

medical release form

student conduct agreement form

visa application form

Information about your passport

 YouTube Links to Chinese songs

Chinese 1: xiao wei

Chinese 2: Follow me (Gen wo lai)

Chinese 3: two butterflies (liang zhi hu die)

 New! Vocabulary List for Chinese 1

 Vocabulary list for Chinese 2

 Location: Room 321

CHINESE 1-4  classes are year-long courses designed to help students become motivated learners in the Chinese language with emphasis placed on Mandarin pronunciation (PINYIN system), fundamental skills of writing Chinese characters, and some simple conversational skills.

Read syllabus for each class, please click on the class section on the right or the links at the bottoms of the page.

 Welcome to Mr. Yu's Chinese classes!

 Enjoy 360-degree panoramic pictures from China and the world!!! You need to install Quicktime to enjoy the shows. Click here for free download of Quicktime...

Guilin landscape...

Lijiang temple in Yunnan Province....

Snowboarding in Summer Taipei, Taiwan...

Shanghai People's Square...

A religious ceremony...

On top of Mount Everest....

Political protest in Taiwan...

More panoramic pictures click here....

MP3 audio files for CIS 1-2 & Chinese 3-4 classes!

Click here for the recordings of all lessons! No password needed!

Audio MP3 files for Integrated Chinese Level 1 Parts 1-2 (L1-23)

 For Chinese 1 classes: a table of Pinyin symbols (initials, finals, and compound finals) is now available with recordings! Click here to access the files.

Also required for Chinese 1 classes: in the first quarter you will be required to do a lot of oral drills with Chinese sound combinations, tones, and Pinyin syllables. These practices, all with sound recordings, are a part the first quarter's curriculum and you will be graded on how accurately you pronounce these sounds.

Click here to access the on-line drills. You will find these drills under the section of  "Chinese Phonetics Fundamentals of Pinyin".

 Important Note About PDF Files
Many files on my site (assignments and texts) are saved in Adobe® PDF format. To download a PDF file to your computer before printing, right click and choose "Save Target As..." on a PC. On a Mac, simply hold down the button until the "Save As..." prompt appears. You will need to use the Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® to view PDF files. If you don't have Acrobat Reader 6.0 or higher installed on your computer, choose the link for the Adobe Acrobat Reader here or below in "See also" for installation instructions. For help downloading and printing PDF files, choose the "PDF Troubleshooting" here or the link down below. You may also have to download free East Asian language fonts from the Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® site for the PDF documents containing Chinese characters to display correctly on your computer.

 Download Asian and Extended Language Font Packs at languages/.

 Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

Acrobat Reader Trouble shooting




 Internet Resources

Click here for more internet resources for learning Chinese.


The characters and words are selected from 300 Basic Chinese Characters and IB Essential Words & Phrases.

300 Basic Chinese Characters (1)


300 Basic Chinese Characters (2)

Other Internet Resources
The following is a list of internet resources for learning the Chinese language and culture. Some of the websites may have bad links. If you any of the links working improperly, please notify Mr. Yu so I can remove it from the list. Likewise, you can recommend useful sites to me if you happen to bump into some interesting sites on your own. Thanks!