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Lunes 8


Lunes 8. Today students reflected on their  third quarter goals and compared them to their this current quarter. There was a warm-up #85. Weekly homework , tarea #21 was assigned and it is due on Friday the 12th.

Martes 9

Students reviewed the structure  ir+ a+ verb in infinitive to express an action in a near future, in English "going to". There was a warm-up, phy#86 and grammar practice, gramática #20.

MiƩrcoles 10

Students started to read a new short novel totally in Spanish, Esperanza. Today chapter one was read as a whole class. There was a warm-up #87 and a reading comprehension entitled, Esperanza #1.

Jueves 11

Today, students practiced their writing skills by  individually summarizing in Spanish the first chapter of Esperanza. This assignment is entitled, Escritura#20. There was a warm-up, phy#88.