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The year is going well and we are continuing to fine tune our understanding of deductive and inductive principles.  Students should be doing some homework each night.  The assignments are not designed to be painful or time exhaustive.  Rather, the are designed to encourage students to spend some time making a personal connection with the mathematics.  Students who do homework on a routine basis are generally more successful than those that do not.  

I encourage parents and students to get in touch with me when they have questions or concerns.  Please email me at .  I look forward to a great year with lots of learning.

You can get access to the textbook online at  Please use the username henrygeo and the password henrygeo.

Here are some websites you can check out if you are confused on your nightly homework:

Ch 3 Project Video:


Mr. Henry

Chapter 3 Constructions (for you to learn with!!!)