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South is known for exemplary academic programs and advanced placement opportunities, dynamic theater productions, musical opportunities, studies in the visual arts and world languages.

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School starts Monday, arrive early!

The MOST-UPDATED schedules for ALL STUDENTS will be available early Monday morning in the auditorium. Get yours!

  • Drafts were printed on colored paper. 
  • Updated schedules will be printed on white paper.
  • Students, get yours in the auditorium beginning at 7:45 a.m.
  • Know that schedules on the portal are viewable, but they do not reflect changes still being made.
  • First period is 8:20 a.m. With your updated schedule in hand, you'll know you're in the right class!
Process for making requested scheduling changes

Students who wish to make schedule changes, should plan to see their counselor during the hour of a scheduling issue.
Please note:

New faces in the Counseling office

Join us in welcoming Counselor Farah Abuqalbeen, assigned to students with last names M-Mo; Gear Up Counselor Kelly Burnett, who will be working with all 9th graders: and Career & College Center Coordinator Katie Hanson; Clerk Nyla Vang is also new. See our updated roster.

PSEO students may make schedule changes NOW

Juniors and seniors in the Post Secondary Enrollment Options program may need to adjust schedules to accommodate PSEO classes. Please schedule an appointment with your counselor now. 

Student Handbook must be read online

This year the Student Handbook is only available online. Students and parents should review it and turn in the "Handbook Acknowledgement" form at the start of school. For future reference, the handbook is also posted in the "Student" section of this website.


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